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Our business is about so much more than just software. We focus on things that help you engage, create processes, and improve your decision-making capacity at all levels.

Sarah Diamond

Sarah Diamond

Recent Posts

Political Parties Should Go Online to Improve Voter Participation

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jun 28, 2018

"vote here" sign at polling location

We work with many local and state government agencies to ensure their voting events go smoothly. The most important aspect of setting up an election for these groups is to have the right tools in place to guarantee voter participation.

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Topics: Election Tips, Online Voting, Leadership

Summer Safety: Rules and Regulations for Your Community Pool or Clubhouse

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jun 26, 2018

06-26-18 hoa pools-web1028px

As an HOA or community association leader, one of your many tasks is to enact policies that guarantee the safety of your constituents.

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Topics: HOA

Single-Issue Ballots: How to Run a Simple Referendum Vote

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jun 14, 2018

06-14-18 single issue referendum-web1028px

We’ve all heard the term election, and it’s probably a word used more often than not in member-based organizations or those with voting board members.

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Topics: Online Voting

Self-Service vs. Managed Elections: Which is the Right Online Voting Choice for You?

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jun 13, 2018

06-13-18 self service vs managed-web1028px

If you have an election deadline approaching, you need a voting solution that’s easy, effective, and one that caters to the needs of both you and your voters.

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Topics: Online Voting

Does Your Association Need a Voter Access Committee?

Posted by Sarah Diamond on May 31, 2018

05-31-18 association voting committee-web1028px

As a member-based organization, one of your top priorities is getting your members to participate in your elections.

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Topics: Associations

How to Win Your National Labor Review Board Election and Finally Unionize

Posted by Sarah Diamond on May 17, 2018

05-17-18 NLRB election-web1028px

Have an upcoming NLRB election? Be prepared for what's next in the unionization process with this comprehensive overview of National Labor Review Board Election guidelines. 

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Topics: Unions

Using Virtual Voting Solutions for Outdoor Events and Competitions

Posted by Sarah Diamond on May 3, 2018

05-03-18 food contests-web1028px

Choose your next contest winner quickly and securely by partnering with a trusted online voting platform

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Email, Proxy or Online Voting: Which is Better for Your Board?

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Apr 6, 2018


Boosting participation from your Board of Directors is key to any organization’s vote. One way to increase participation and engagement from your board members, as well as involve them in more major decisions, is through online voting.

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Topics: Board of Directors

Unionization for News Outlets: Can an Online Voting System Make the Process Easier?

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Mar 15, 2018

03-15-18 media unionization-web1028px.jpg

Consider how a virtual voting system could make the unionizing process much easier for major news & media companies.

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Topics: Unions

HOA Leadership Responsibilities: How to Run a Successful Homeowner's Association

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Mar 13, 2018


Depending on who you ask, being a leader in your HOA can either be a nightmare or a godsend. These effective leadership traits can help every board member run their association like a tight ship.

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Topics: HOA

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