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university board of trustees

6 min read

The Best Online Meeting Options for a University's Board of Trustees

Now more than ever, universities are looking at solutions that will make communications like their board of trustees meetings more efficient and...

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Board of Trustees_online voting.jpg

2 min read

Raising Competitive College Rankings with Trustee Voting

“To elicit the broadest possible participation, alumni trustee elections have been conducted online since 2010.” -- Stacey J. Mobley, Esq., Chairman,...

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university trustee election

3 min read

Why You Should Be a Student Member of Your University's Trustee Board

Students are the cornerstone of a university, as they can't function as an institution of higher learning without its pupils.

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3 min read

So You Want to Run an SGA Election: Read this First (Free Checklist)

Check these key items before electing your student government for a seamless, stress-free voting experience

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