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Our enterprise-level software and services enable your organization to run secure, auditable elections that let you focus on the results rather than the process.

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Why are our vote management services valuable?

We save you time.

Building ballots and managing your voters can be a full time job in itself. Let us take care of it.

We adhere to best practices.

Our team of experts know how implement your vote correctly, the first time around.


We follow your requirements.

We’re an impartial third party provider who has no stake in the results of your vote.


Be as hands-off as you want.

Opt for comprehensive vote management or self-administered voting with selected a la carte services.

Unique requirements call for

tailored solutions.

Reporting & Analytics

Reports that consider geography, regional differences, and demographic information are just a few of the detailed analytics you can create reports on.

reporting and analytics

Ballot Layout

Customizing your ballot is key for providing a great voter experience. We’ll work to find your preferred arrangement of questions, question content, and candidate layouts.

ballot layout

Single Sign On (SSO)

Leverage your organization's existing website and login credentials. SSOs create a seamless, familiar voting experience.

Learn more about SSOs


Expert Consultation

Our voting experts will give you as much support as you need, whether you want a hands-on administrator or just an extra set of eyes to help your vote.


Third-party audits

Our software is regularly tested by external security advisors conducting system vulnerability audits.


A modern security stack

We run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secure cloud service platform built on sound network infrastructure.


Secure voting features

eBallot is SSL-Certified and SOC I+II Compliant, and comes with secure authentication, anonymity options, and more.


Learn more about our approach to cybersecurity.

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