Let the group decide, anonymously.

Keep responses private while protecting against fraudulent votes.

Maintain confidentiality. Strengthen trust.

Conduct anonymous online surveys, polls, elections, and voting events that:


Keep voter choices private

Let responses be completely hidden from all involved, or only available to certain groups.


Protect against fraudulent votes

Eliminate the worry of people voting multiple times. Even when anonymity is turned on, our authentication system keeps votes trackable.


Remove the pressure to vote a certain way

Give your voters the confidence to express their voice without worrying about social ramifications.


Make "who voted for what" a non-issue

Curiosity can get the best of anyone, but it can disturb your group. Temper this by removing access to any controversial information.

Various anonymity options

Implement your anonymous votes in a variety of ways - all depending on the needs of your organization.


Full anonymity

Completely obscure how your voters' voted by disassociating responses from individual voters. No one - neither the other voters nor the person administering the vote - is able to tell who voted for what.


Partial anonymity: Vote administration

The vote organizer or leader is the only person able to tell how individuals voted. To everyone else, that's private information.


Partial anonymity: Third-party

Prove that you're conducting a fair and unbiased event by letting us be your impartial third-party. We'll function as an entity with no stake in the outcome of your vote or election.


Options for complete transparency

Be totally open about who voted for what. This is the complete opposite of an anonymous vote, but it's something you may want to consider.

An anonymous, trackable voting system

Run anonymous online votes and elections, including:


Anonymous Surveys

Create anonymous online surveys that ask multiple, consecutive questions to one or more groups of voters.

Anonymous Polls

Use our anonymous poll maker to run simple one question or yes/no/abstain votes.

Anonymous Elections

Elect individuals into positions while maintaining voter anonymity.

Anonymous Voting

Vote on rules, regulations updates, bylaw changes, and anything else your organization needs to decide on.

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