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school voting

5 min read

Voting Software for Schools: Here are Your Options

Whether it's voting for a major event like student council president or just a simple student poll about their favorite book - an online voting tool...

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08-20-18 student involvement-web1028px

3 min read

Online Voting Encourages Your Students to Get Involved

Student government elections hold a special place in the educational experience of many young people, starting from their first attempts at class...

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3 min read

Student Government Associations Challenge the Big 10: VOTE!

Student government leaders influence the direction of their universities. They can also inspire voters aged 18-25 to get involved in local, state,...

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sga campaign planning

4 min read

SGA Leadership: Campaign Ideas and Planning Made Easy

Ambitious students with the passion to impact social change are making headlines every day. At the university level, students have even more power to...

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sga voting

4 min read

Win Your SGA Election with these Self-Starter Campaign Strategies

Getting involved early and building relationships are key to landing a seat in office

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