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Are You Voting "No" to Paper Ballots?

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 15, 2018 / by Sarah Diamond posted in Online Voting

The pros and cons of paper voting vs voting software

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Raising Competitive College Rankings with Trustee Voting

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 28, 2017 / by Katie McCaskey posted in Online Voting, Universities

“To elicit the broadest possible participation, alumni trustee elections have been conducted online since 2010.”  -- Stacey J. Mobley, Esq., Chairman, Howard University Board of Trustees
Howard University

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Hospital Associations and the Healthy Habit of Voting

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 14, 2017 / by Katie McCaskey posted in Online Voting, Healthcare

Hospital boards and associations vote on regular basis to keep their constituents healthy.


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Pizza or Bowling? Vote on the K-12 Events That Matter Most to Your School District

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 3, 2017 / by Katie McCaskey posted in K-12, Online Voting

If you have a child in school, you know the large number of events are scheduled throughout the year.

Fundraisers gain particular attention because of what they say about the school district’s fiscal health.

It is all but inevitable that fundraising event discussions also touch on, or reveal, a community’s values. This is a good thing.

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Employee Recognition is A $46B Market Found in 2% of Company Spending

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 31, 2017 / by Katie McCaskey posted in Online Voting, Employee of the Month

Nobody still gets a gold watch at retirement, do they?

Spoiler: trick question.

The question is not about watches, or about retirement. Both concepts continue to evolve. Smart watches and early retirees? No watches and no retirement? It depends.

One thing that hasn’t changed when it comes to employees and their employers: the pitiful amount invested in employee recognition. In fact, total spent averages just 1-2% of corporate expenditures, according to Josh Bersin at Forbes. 

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A Vote for Corruption, Bureaucracy...or the Board of Governors?

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 27, 2017 / by Katie McCaskey posted in Law Firm, Board of Governors, Online Voting

“Two candidates castigate the bar for a variety of complaints, including perceived corruption, bloated bureaucracy and alleged misbehavior of bench officers.”

This juicy description describes a 2010 State Board of California election in the periodical, The California Bar Journal. The article goes on to briefly outline the fourteen candidates and their districts.

What’s notable is how the article opens.  The 2010 election was a hybrid election:

“for the first time [the California Bar Association] permits voters to cast ballots electronically or with a traditional mail-in ballot.” (emphasis added)

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How to Run a Union Council Election Online

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 20, 2017 / by Katie McCaskey posted in Unions, Online Voting

Unions have multiple responsibilities to their members.  A mong them is running one or more union council elections.  These important elections decide matters that affect a large number of members and their daily lives. 


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