Entrust voting power to a representative.

Our proxy voting services let your voters choose a person to vote on their behalf.

Improve your proxy voting and election procedures

Connect directly with your shareholders, board, and all eligible voters.


Offer instant proxy authorization options

Let individuals quickly and easily authorize someone else as their voting proxy.


Give voters a simple, secure experience

Seamless authentication, login, and instant vote confirmation creates a smooth, secure voting process.


Share important documents

Host documents and other important resources for your organization to thoroughly understand what's being voted on and why.


Tailor the vote to your specifications

There's a lot to consider when running a voting event that significantly affects your organization. We're here to help ensure everything rolls out smoothly.

Run a proxy vote that fits your requirements

Access the core features needed for proxy votes:


Reporting & analytics

Gain access to real-time insights while keeping tabs on how your votes and elections unfold overall.


Live meeting support

Keep voting separate or seamlessly integrate voting into your live meeting.


Weighted voting options

Allow certain individuals to have more influence with weighted voting capabilities.


Anonymity options

Need insight into the progress of your vote, but don’t want to know how people voted? Leverage our anonymous voting capabilities.


Tailored customer support

With different levels of support options, we're able to be there for you and your voters in a way that makes the most sense.


Built-in communication platform

Stay in touch with your voters throughout the voting process and easily share updates at critical moments.


See all voting capabilities

View our full list of capabilities or ask us a question.

Flexible implementation options

We build voting software, but we also provide proxy voting services.

Choose your level of involvement

Comprehensive vote management

We ensure best practices are followed - and unnecessary risks are avoided.

Inquire about vote management services


Self-administration using our software

We'll teach you how to build ballots, notify your voters, and managed the voting process yourself.

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Who we help

Annual general meetings (AGM)

Support all shareholders with voting rights - whether or not they attend the meeting - by giving them an easy, secure way to cast their vote by proxy.

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Let owners easily appoint trusted others to represent them at unit owner meetings and fulfill your quorum requirements.

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Nonprofit organizations

Ensure a quorum at meetings where not everyone can attend by letting your board and voting members vote on behalf of others.

Discover how we can help your nonprofit

Is your organization not listed?

We specialize in running standard and custom votes. Is your organization not listed here?

Let us know and we'll point you in the right direction.

Accomplish your votes and elections with ease


Enable your voters to make educated decisions and:

  • Conduct a fair vote for all involved, based on how that's defined by your organization.

  • Easily manage individual weights, ownership percentages, shares, and more.

  • Offer verifiable proof to all voters about how your vote or election was conducted.

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