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Does Your Association Need a Voter Access Committee?

Does Your Association Need a Voter Access Committee?


As a member-based organization, one of your top priorities is getting your members to participate in your elections.

There are many reasons why your members choose not to vote in your election – a majority of which center around the issue of accessibility and lack of information. How easy is it for your voters to vote?

If you can’t answer that question confidently, then it may be time to assemble a voter access committee.

A voter access committee is comprised of election admins who are responsible for ensuring a seamless voting experience for your voters.

You'll want a voter access committee if you:


Are struggling to engage your voters

Engagement is still a top struggle among associations.

Your voters may not have the information they need to participate in your election, or your voting system may be outdated and inefficient.

A voter access committee can help increase your election turnout by hosting informal workshops and educational sessions.

They can also host demos of your voting system and focus on advertising your election event to build awareness.


Find it difficult to come to a decision

A voter access committee should act similar to board advisory members – their sole role is to help your voters understand the importance of voting and how it helps the association reach important decisions.

These decisions impact all members, not just the board. Since accessibility is a common reason for low engagement, ensure your members are diverse enough in both experience and background to reach as many voters as possible.

This includes committee members who have experience communicating with those who have disabilities, including physical and communicative impairments.


Have trouble collaborating on important issues

Collaboration doesn’t just need to happen in the boardroom.

When your members vote in your election, they are adding to the conversation and providing you with key insight into your association’s operations.

Members help you understand what can and should be done better – things that will help you recruit and retain members in the long run.

A voter access committee will guide your voters to participate, all you need is a voting solution that will efficiently and easily allow them to collaborate.


Have low renewal rates

Perhaps you’re not offering the right incentives, or maybe your resources aren’t adding any value to your member’s lives or careers.

Whatever the reason for declining renewal rates may be, it’s crucial to host an election or poll your members to find out. The renewal stage is an excellent opportunity for your voter access committee to persuade and help your members vote.

So, don’t overlook your election results – the feedback you get is extremely valuable and will help you shape your programs and offerings in the future.

Word to the wise: While we recommend that you form a voter access committee, especially if you’re having the aforementioned problems, ensure that you have the structure and the need to support an extra committee before you start gathering your admins.

Too many committees can actually hinder the progress of your association – think too much delegating, not enough action.



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