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5 Ways to Improve Association Membership Retention Rates

Posted by Alex Hay on Sep 9, 2021

Association leaders know that their members are their top priority. Associations provide a variety of valuable services, from providing spaces for members to come together and learn from each other to networking and certification courses.

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6 Easy Fundraising Tips for Associations

Posted by Alex Hay on Jan 14, 2021

No matter the size of your organization or the scope of your fundraising needs, there are a number of great ways to earn contributions from your members inexpensively.

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How to Change Your Bylaws to Permit Online Voting

Posted by Alex Hay on Apr 10, 2020

Online voting is useful for a variety of reasons, but perhaps its most universally accepted benefit is its convenience. Wouldn’t it be great to have the option of securely voting without needing to leave your office or home to vote on your bylaws in person?

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How to Onboard Your New Association Members

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jul 2, 2019

There are many reasons why your association numbers might be dwindling: low engagement, lack of offerings, or lack of renewal interest are just a few of them. But if you trace your decreasing numbers back to the start, you might find that the root cause of declining membership starts with onboarding.

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The Do's and Dont's of Association Elections

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Apr 30, 2019

Successful elections rely on careful planning and flawless implementation. Not only must the election administrator set up the ballot correctly and manage voter expectations, they must find new ways of encouraging buy-in from their organization. When it comes to association elections, agreeing on a new policy or electing your next board member may be your clear end goal, however, getting there isn’t always so simple.

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Does Your Association Need a Voter Access Committee?

Posted by Sarah Diamond on May 31, 2018

05-31-18 association voting committee-web1028px

As a member-based organization, one of your top priorities is getting your members to participate in your elections.

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5 Key Metrics Association Leaders Need to Be Tracking

Posted by Mia Logan on Mar 21, 2018

Increase Association KPIs with Online Voting

Engagement, Voter Turnout, Renewal Rates, and more. See which performance indicators your association might not be tracking and learn how online voting can drive insights from your member’s behavior.

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How to Create Association Marketing Content that Resonates with Your Members

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Mar 8, 2018

03-08-18 association marketing content-web1028px.jpg

Running an effective association means that your members are actively being inspired to engage and advocate for the issues you care about, but unfortunately, many association leaders are unsure of how to accomplish this.

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Our Latest eBook Created Exclusively for Association Leaders [Free Download]

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Mar 6, 2018

03-06-18 ebook member retention-web1028px.jpg

For an association to be effective at advocating for its members, they need an active and involved membership.

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Is It Time to Rebrand Your Association?

Posted by Katie McCaskey on Dec 14, 2017

branding blog post eballot.png


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