An online voting tool for meetings and events

Introducing your virtual voting software partner.

Being in the same room isn't a requirement with an event voting platform.

Our secure, conference voting technology lets your group vote from wherever is most convenient.

Let voters weigh in on important issues.

Avoid the conference and meeting-related travel costs.


Use your preferred video-conference tool.

We're your secure voting software for Zoom, GoToMeeting, Teams, and more.

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Account for questions known beforehand...

Use a pre-defined set of questions to vote on before, during, or after your meeting.


Or allow for motions that come up on the spot.

You might not know what you're voting on until the virtual meeting is in progress. We make it easy to handle motions on the fly, as soon as they arise.


We'll make sure it all runs smoothly

Live events - whether in-person or virtual meetings - have a lot of moving parts. Your conference voting technology needs to be managed accordingly.

Best Practices That Drive Results

We've integrated voting into countless live events and are aware of the most important aspects to focus on, including ballot development, voter outreach, and on-demand support.

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Advice and Oversight Throughout

From the planning stages, through to implementation and post-event - we'll be thinking of everything that can and will come up at your online meeting. 


Third-party Certification of Results

Your group's reputation relies on how your vote was conducted. Our promise? You'll be able to prove a third-party ran the vote and ran it well. It's perfect for important events like voting at your AGM.


Training and Self-administration Options

If you'd prefer, we'll train someone on your team to manage the online meeting voting tool. This person will become your voting manager on our software platform, prior to the main event.


Voting in online meetings affords you options:

If you know what's to be voted on, prior to the virtual meeting:

Let your voters weigh in before, during, or after the online meeting.

Keep voting open the entire week of the meeting. Or just for the day. We're happy to provide you with suggestions.

Schedule a Consultation

If what you're voting on will be determined during the meeting:

You'll need to account for when motions are brought up during the event. 

We can handle this responsibility in real-time, or we'll train someone in your group to be the point person with our software.

Get Started

Online voting software and meeting support

Choose your level of involvement with our electronic voting system:

  • You're responsible. We'll teach someone on your team how to manage the online voting tool for meetings. Perfect for self-administration.

  • We're responsible. We'll take responsibility for your group's entire online meeting voting rollout, managing the conference voting system and its implementation.

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