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eBallot is the leading online voting platform used to gather instant, trustworthy results.

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Our core team of voting software experts enable you to run secure votes and elections online.


Jonathan Liu

Head of Customer Experience

Roger Poulin

Head of Sales

Alessandra Belaver

Client Relations Director

Luis Monterroza

Sales Enablement Lead
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Tasha Tadi

Marketing Manager

Madelyn F

Project Coordinator

John Saliba

Experience Associate
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Valeria Rodrigo

Customer Support Associate

How We Work

Our Approach.

We believe that even the simplest of votes should be carried out with expert precision.

Our team is here to understand our clients' voting requirements and recommend the right services for their specific needs.

Our Mission.

We realize the impact of decisions extends far beyond any single vote.

Every day, we're driven to refine the right tools organizations need to elect leaders, set new policies, and streamline their decision-making process.

Our Work.

From Fortune 500 companies and large universities to private law practices and nationally recognized sports teams - we deliver streamlined voting events that support thousands of voters.

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