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HOAs: Increase Millennial Membership With These 3 Tips

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 22, 2018 / by Sarah Diamond posted in HOA

Day after day, news outlets and stock market experts tout that for the first time, Millennial homebuyers are entering the market in large numbers. This is undoubtedly great news for younger adults who have been saddled with large amounts of student debt and rising rents, and even greater news for communities and neighborhoods that had yet to rebound fully from the 2007 housing crisis.

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Summer Safety: Rules and Regulations for Your Community Pool or Clubhouse

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 26, 2018 / by Sarah Diamond posted in HOA

As an HOA or community association leader, one of your many tasks is to enact policies that guarantee the safety of your constituents.

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Get the Quorum You Need to Hold a Successful HOA Election

[fa icon="calendar'] May 1, 2018 / by Mia Logan posted in HOA

What can you do to encourage higher turnout and more participation from your residential association’s voting delegates? These tactics will give you the insight needed to create more actionable outcomes from your next HOA or condo association election.

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HOA Leadership Responsibilities: How to Run a Successful Homeowner's Association

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 13, 2018 / by Sarah Diamond posted in HOA


Depending on who you ask, being a leader in your HOA can either be a nightmare or a godsend. These effective leadership traits can help every board member run their association like a tight ship.

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