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The Best Classroom Tech - According to Teachers

Posted by Sarah Diamond on May 7, 2019

According to an ed tech survey conducted by The Journal, teachers indicated that technology has had a positive impact on education. Interestingly enough, not one of the teachers surveyed said that educational technology had a negative impact on their classroom.

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Online Voting Encourages Your Students To Get Involved

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Aug 20, 2018

08-20-18 student involvement-web1028px

Student government elections hold a special place in the educational experience of many young people, starting from their first attempts at class leadership roles in the primary school age, and ranging up to the campus-wide governance at the high school and collegiate levels.

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Should Your School Board Elect or Appoint a Steering Committee to Improve Outcomes?

Posted by Mia Logan on Jul 24, 2018

07-24-18 school board-web1028px

A steering committee can help your school board zero in on the key policy issues that parents and constituents are voting for.

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Your School District Elections Will Benefit from These Voter Engagement Tips

Posted by Mia Logan on May 16, 2018

school board electronic voting

School board elections are known for having low turnout, but this interactive education tool could help parents and voters better understand the power of their ballot.

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How to Beat Senioritis with the Power of Mock Elections

Posted by Mia Logan on Mar 23, 2018

senioritis and online voting software ideas

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The Path to Student Government

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Feb 20, 2018

02-20-18 student government-web1028px.jpg

Requirements, qualifications, and election procedures leading up to the big day

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Win Your SGA Election with these Self-Starter Campaign Strategies

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Feb 8, 2018

Getting involved early and building relationships are key to landing a seat in office

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How to Keep Your Students Engaged in 2019

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jan 16, 2018

1-16-18 Keep Your Students Engaged-web1028px.jpg

Most high school students want to do their best, but sometimes wanting to succeed isn’t enough.

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How Schools Should Kickstart Healthy Debates in the Classroom

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jan 10, 2018

1-10-18 Kickstarting Healthy Debates-web1028px.jpg

Spur engagement among students using active thinking and technology

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Pizza or Bowling? Vote on the K-12 Events That Matter Most to Your School District

Posted by Katie McCaskey on Nov 3, 2017

If you have a child in school, you know the large number of events are scheduled throughout the year.

Fundraisers gain particular attention because of what they say about the school district’s fiscal health.

It is all but inevitable that fundraising event discussions also touch on, or reveal, a community’s values. This is a good thing.


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