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Your Co-op Can't Grow Without Democracy

Posted by Mia Logan on Aug 9, 2018

08-09-18 coop voting-web1028px

With the growth of many consumers preferring to shop locally for daily necessities, the recent rise in community-owned grocery stores, retail shops, credit unions and other key local business is an added benefit to the influx of revitalization in most urban and rural pockets of the country.

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Make Award Show Nomination Planning Less Stressful with an Awards Management System

Posted by Mia Logan on Aug 6, 2018

08-06-18 award show nominations-web1028px

Whether you’re working with an awards review committee or you have the solo responsibility of planning an upcoming competition or awards ceremony, you’ll be tasked with narrowing down the list of possible nominees.

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Topics: Award Shows

Should Your School Board Elect or Appoint a Steering Committee to Improve Outcomes?

Posted by Mia Logan on Jul 24, 2018

07-24-18 school board-web1028px

A steering committee can help your school board zero in on the key policy issues that parents and constituents are voting for.

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Topics: K-12

Franchisee Associations Can Foster Effective Collaboration with Online Voting

Posted by Mia Logan on Jul 17, 2018

07-17-18 franchisee votes-web1028px

Running a successful business requires entrepreneurs to constantly reconsider their priorities, think quickly at the drop of a hat, and be able to anticipate problems and solutions before they become a nuisance.

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Topics: Franchising

How Enterprise Voting Platforms Improve Team Productivity and Decision Making Efforts

Posted by Mia Logan on Jul 12, 2018

07-12-18 feedback and decision making-web1028px

Collaboration is a main facet of the modern workplace, as more departments need cross-functionality to help improve goals and reach new business resolutions for their organizations.

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Topics: Leadership

This Independence Day, Learn How Weighted Voting Works in Representative Democracy

Posted by Mia Logan on Jul 3, 2018

07-03-18 july 4th-web1028px

Thanks to the foresight of our founding founders and the precedents set by ancient civilizations, United States citizens gets to live in what is known as a representative democracy.

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Topics: Voting

To Really Win Back Fans, Major Leagues Should Focus More On This

Posted by Mia Logan on Jun 21, 2018

06-21-18 major league sports-web1028px

As more athletic league owners seek to rein in control of their brand, fans are looking to gain even more access and influence over the business decisions of their favorite sports teams.

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Topics: Sports

Why You Should Become a Student Member of Your University's Trustee Board

Posted by Mia Logan on Jun 19, 2018

university trustee election

Students are the cornerstone of a university, as they can't function as an institution of higher learning without its pupils.

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Topics: Universities

Nominations, Diversity, and Inclusion: How Innovation Starts with Your Board

Posted by Mia Logan on Jun 8, 2018

06-08-18 diversity and leadership-web1028px

Now that more companies and organizations are deciding to prioritize a culture of inclusivity, the latest studies are showing how diversity in leadership can lead to the kind of positive outcomes they’re seeking.

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Topics: Leadership

Why Democracy Matters in Non-Profit Decision Making

Posted by Mia Logan on Jun 5, 2018

06-05-18 nonprofit democracy-web1028px

Using the democratic process when making important group decisions is a necessary for non-profits that want to secure the necessary funding, donors, and new board members.

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Topics: Non-Profit

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Posted at June 22, 2022
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Posted at June 8, 2022
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