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How to Improve Voter Turnout with Notifications

Posted by Alex Hay on Jun 8, 2022

So, you’ve chosen your ideal voting method, you’ve carefully set up your ballot, and now all you have to do is wait until your election starts, right?

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5 Benefits (and 3 Risks) of Online Voting

Posted by Alex Hay on May 19, 2022

Everything is done online, from sending money to friends instantly to setting your thermostat from a different city – all from an app.

So why do some organizations still use paper ballots to conduct important votes? Furthermore, why do they make their voters travel to a specific location to participate?

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How to Change a Live Voting Event to Digital

Posted by Alex Hay on May 5, 2022

Casting a ballot or taking a vote in-person can be a powerful experience for your voters. Though it is a simple gesture, it’s a tangible representation of their voices making an impact on an important decision.

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Topics: Election Tips, Online Voting, Voting, Technology

Self-Administered vs. Managed Elections: Which One is Right for You?

Posted by Alex Hay on Apr 21, 2022

If you have an election deadline approaching, you need a voting solution that’s easy, effective, and one that caters to the needs of both you and your voters.

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7 Important Data Security Practices for Law Firms

Posted by Alex Hay on Oct 7, 2021

Each year, law firms have emails, passwords, and other personal data stolen through third-party websites like Dropbox and LinkedIn. This stolen information can be exploited by hackers to access sensitive materials, hold accounts for a ransom, and for other malicious acts.

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5 Tips for Teaching K-12 Students About Online Privacy and Security

Posted by Alex Hay on Sep 30, 2021

Cybersecurity issues are becoming increasingly prevalent and can affect an individual or even an entire region. However, there is still a shortage of people who have the knowledge and skills to defend themselves against cyber threats, especially at advanced levels of experience. In fact, due to a global surge in cybersecurity awareness, the skills gap has actually widened.

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Topics: K-12, Security, Technology

The Best Online Meeting Options for a University's Board of Trustees

Posted by Alex Hay on Sep 16, 2021

Now more than ever, universities are looking at solutions that will make communications like their board of trustees meetings more efficient and cost-effective.

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Topics: Universities, Board of Directors, Technology, Meetings

Who Has the Best Union Management Software? Try These 5 Providers

Posted by Alex Hay on Sep 2, 2021

Union management software streamlines union activity and communications for union members and officers. Effective union management software enables pro-worker unions and labor organizations to have more impact and use their collective voices to protect worker interests.

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Topics: Unions, Online Voting, Technology

Voting Software for Schools: Here are Your Options

Posted by Alex Hay on Aug 6, 2021

Whether it's voting for a major event like student council president or just a simple student poll about their favorite book - an online voting tool should be simple for all involved. It should also be secure and auditable (but only to the extent your school or district needs it to be).

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Topics: K-12, Student Voting, SGA, Technology

Who Has the Best Online Event Management Software? Try These 5 Providers

Posted by Alex Hay on Jun 24, 2021

No matter whether you're planning an event for five participants or 5000, there is a lot of planning and strategy that must go on behind the scenes in order to make it a success.

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