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Why Pay for Online Voting Software?

Why Pay for Online Voting Software?

Being capable of making important decisions effectively and efficiently is a critical part of leading any organization to success. It is for this reason that investing in this capability with time and resources will pay dividends in the future.

For the best results, partnering with a trusted vendor like eBallot can make it easy to integrate tried-and-tested voting platforms into your current voting strategy.

Additionally, when you partner with a vendor, you gain access to valuable services. Our online election software security measures protect you, your data, and your organization against risk.

This accomplishes several things at once:

  • Safeguard organizational data. Our cybersecurity measures protect your sensitive data
  • Eliminate the risk of double voting and voter fraud. Closed voting events enable trustworthy decision making
  • Prove the integrity of your vote. Our robust auditing tools let you demonstrate an accountable voting process

What does eBallot value?

Though we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services, everything we do at eBallot is truly driven by one core principle--that we will be advocates for smart, effective decision-making practices for whatever your needs are.

We strive to always present our clients with the best tools and consulting possible, regardless of whether or not they end up purchasing something from us. We won’t upsell or push you to buy any tools or services that we genuinely do not believe will suit your specific requirements and needs.

How does eBallot accomplish its values?

Our primary concern is delivering the best for what is needed. Our solutions and services are some of the best the industry has to offer. However, if what we have to offer isn’t quite the best match for what you are looking for, we are committed to giving you guidance to help achieve your desired outcome.

We follow-through with this commitment by striving for excellence in all facets of our business:

  • Integrity and Opportunity - We tailor advice specifically to customer needs. If we’re unable to meet your exact requirements for a project, we will be honest with you and help you find the best fit
  • Thought - Throughout all of our media outreach on our blogs, website, social media and other sources, our goal is to be a thought-leader in our industry and provide people with fair and accurate information regarding all things voting
  • Expression - We value effective, straightforward communication that you can trust
  • Leveraging of Technology - Our modern and robust solutions are some of the best of their kind and we push them to greater heights with every new development update
  • Innovation and Improvement - We actively ask for feedback from everyone we work with in order to promote growth and continue to discover new ways to help our clients reach their goals
  • Customer Service - No matter what obstacles you face, our customer experience experts can help make things right, providing professional expertise from casual, relatable people


What does eBallot not value?

Just as we value providing fair and trustworthy information to our clients, we are equally determined to implement our services and resources to delivering unbiased voting procedures and accurate results.

Even though some of our solutions offer “self-run” functionality, we ultimately see our responsibility as providers to act as impartial vote administrators and we refuse to advocate for unfair voting practices that do not align with our values.

Likewise, we do not advocate or align with any particular political stances. We are impartial and open-minded to helping all who are in need of fair voting services.

Committed to excellence

Our commitment is to provide whatever is needed to make the best decisions for the group or organization in question. All of our decisions are based upon peer-reviewed best practices and our innovations are industry-leading.

If you value decision-making in the same way that we do, we’d love to partner with you on your next vote. Contact us here.


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