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Who Has the Best Union Management Software? Try These 5 Providers

Posted by Alex Hay on Sep 2, 2021

Union management software streamlines union activity and communications for union members and officers. Effective union management software enables pro-worker unions and labor organizations to have more impact and use their collective voices to protect worker interests.

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Topics: Unions, Online Voting, Technology

5 Characteristics of Good Law Firm Management and Leadership

Posted by Alex Hay on Aug 26, 2021

Contrary to the beliefs of some people, law firms are not immune to common hardships faced by traditional businesses--staff reductions, lost deals, remote working and internal reorganizing are just a few examples.

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Topics: Law Firm, Leadership

Voting Software for Schools: Here are Your Options

Posted by Alex Hay on Aug 6, 2021

Whether it's voting for a major event like student council president or just a simple student poll about their favorite book - an online voting tool should be simple for all involved. It should also be secure and auditable (but only to the extent your school or district needs it to be).

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Topics: K-12, Student Voting, SGA, Technology

12 Creative Ways Use Voting in Schools

Posted by Alex Hay on Jul 29, 2021

Teaching students about the voting process and the value of elections not only encourages them to make their voices heard but also inspires them to become engaged citizens later in life.

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Topics: K-12, Student Voting, Voting

4 Myths You May Still Believe About Anonymous Voting

Posted by Alex Hay on Jul 22, 2021

The concept of anonymous voting or secret ballots may not be new, but some people still have preconceptions about the validity of this kind of vote. We're here to dispel some of the most common myths and concerns surrounding anonymous voting.

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Topics: Online Voting, Security, Voting

Struggling to Organize Your Board Meeting Minutes? Try Using Our Handy Template

Posted by Alex Hay on Jul 19, 2021

As commonplace as it is to take the notes (or minutes) of a board of directors meeting, it may surprise you to learn that these groups are not legally required to take minutes at all. Although they are not a required component of a meeting, taking minutes at board meetings has become a best practice for a lot of good governance reasons.

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Topics: Board of Directors

Who Has the Best Online Event Management Software? Try These 5 Providers

Posted by Alex Hay on Jun 24, 2021

No matter whether you're planning an event for five participants or 5000, there is a lot of planning and strategy that must go on behind the scenes in order to make it a success.

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Topics: Technology, Meetings

8 Essentials of Effective Board Governance

Posted by Alex Hay on Jun 3, 2021

People and passion draw people to serve on a board. Establishing clear and actionable best practices early will help them fulfill that role well.

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Topics: Board of Directors

Voting, Surveys, and Polls: What Are the Differences?

Posted by Alex Hay on May 6, 2021

When it comes to finding the right solution to meet their organizations' needs, many people struggle initially with using the best search terms to help them zero in on what they actually need. 

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Topics: Election Tips, Voting

Voting Software for Zoom Meetings: Here are Your Options

Posted by Michael Dabrowski on Apr 26, 2021

Here are the top voting software options if you've found yourself needing to manage voting in online meetings over Zoom.

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Topics: Online Voting, Meetings

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