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Digital Voting vs. Paper and In-person Voting: What Your Organization Needs to Know

Posted by Sarah Diamond on May 14, 2019

It seems that everything is done online these days. You can pay your server’s tip, send money to friends instantly, and even set your thermostat from a different city – all from an app. So why do some organizations still use paper to conduct important votes? Furthermore, why do they make their voters travel to a specific location to participate?

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The Best Classroom Tech - According to Teachers

Posted by Sarah Diamond on May 7, 2019

According to an ed tech survey conducted by The Journal, teachers indicated that technology has had a positive impact on education. Interestingly enough, not one of the teachers surveyed said that educational technology had a negative impact on their classroom.

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The Do's and Dont's of Association Elections

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Apr 30, 2019

Successful elections rely on careful planning and flawless implementation. Not only must the election administrator set up the ballot correctly and manage voter expectations, they must find new ways of encouraging buy-in from their organization. When it comes to association elections, agreeing on a new policy or electing your next board member may be your clear end goal, however, getting there isn’t always so simple.

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Boost Turnout By Paying Attention to Your Voter Notification Content

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jul 25, 2018

07-25-18 email campaign tips-web1028px

So, you’ve chosen your ideal voting method, you’ve carefully set up your ballot, and now all you have to do is wait until your election starts, right?

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Political Parties Should Go Online to Improve Voter Participation

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jun 28, 2018

"vote here" sign at polling location

We work with many local and state government agencies to ensure their voting events go smoothly. The most important aspect of setting up an election for these groups is to have the right tools in place to guarantee voter participation.

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Single-Issue Ballots: How to Run a Simple Referendum Vote

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jun 14, 2018

06-14-18 single issue referendum-web1028px

We’ve all heard the term election, and it’s probably a word used more often than not in member-based organizations or those with voting board members.

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Self-Service vs. Managed Elections: Which is the Right Online Voting Choice for You?

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jun 13, 2018

06-13-18 self service vs managed-web1028px

If you have an election deadline approaching, you need a voting solution that’s easy, effective, and one that caters to the needs of both you and your voters.

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These States Allow Online Voting for Citizens, Is Your State One of Them?

Posted by Mia Logan on May 24, 2018

05-24-18 online voting political elections

Voting in the United States is a topic that comes around every two to four years, and each time, our elected officials typically spend a bulk of their time in between elections trying to entice Americans to get out and vote.

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Use Online Absentee Voting to Make Your Next Election More Accessible

Posted by Mia Logan on Apr 3, 2018

04-03-18 absentee ballot-web1028px

Online voting offers many advantages for organizations and election managers who want an opportunity to gather input from as many voting-eligible members as possible.

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Are You Voting "No" to Paper Ballots?

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Feb 15, 2018

02-15-18 paper ballots-web1028px.jpg

The pros and cons of paper voting vs voting software

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