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How to Improve Employee Satisfaction and Feedback with Online Voting

Posted by Alex Hay on May 1, 2020

Increasing employee engagement in the workplace can present its own set of challenges. Employers need to ensure that employees are satisfied with the culture in place and that they are eager to work collaboratively with their colleagues.

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Employee Recognition is A $46B Market Found in 2% of Company Spending

Posted by Katie McCaskey on Oct 31, 2017

Nobody still gets a gold watch at retirement, do they?

Spoiler: trick question.

The question is not about watches, or about retirement. Both concepts continue to evolve. Smart watches and early retirees? No watches and no retirement? It depends.

One thing that hasn’t changed when it comes to employees and their employers: the pitiful amount invested in employee recognition. In fact, total spent averages just 1-2% of corporate expenditures, according to Josh Bersin at Forbes. 

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