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Can an Online Voting System Make Unionization Easier?

Can an Online Voting System Make Unionization Easier?

The Covid-19 pandemic and an ever-evolving digital media landscape forced creatives to adapt to new ways of work - primarily in remote or online-only settings. However, many workers found that, despite their own willingness to adjust and meet the demands of the situation, their employers were not as quick to change.

As a result, more creative professionals and writers are dealing with grueling work hours, reduced or inadequate pay, harassment, favoritism, and executive overreach - all of the issues that going online was supposed to resolve.

Many digital creatives have since found support through organizations like the National Writers Union, an advocacy group committed to helping creative professionals secure fair industry standards and editorial autonomy.

As more and more online employers attempt to monetize their creatives' content, digital unions will certainly have their hands full transitioning new outlets, independent contractors, and anyone else who feels squeezed on all sides by a “produce now, rest later” media industry.

Traditionally, organizing and conducting unionization votes have been time-consuming and complex endeavors. However, with the introduction of online voting systems, the process has become more accessible, efficient, and transparent. In this article, we explore the transformative potential of an online voting system in streamlining the unionization process for newly emerging digital organizations.


It improves transparency 

Ensuring the integrity and transparency of the voting process is crucial in unionization efforts. Online voting systems employ robust security measures, such as encryption and authentication protocols, to safeguard the voting process. Moreover, these systems generate an audit trail, providing a transparent record of the voting activities, which can be crucial in addressing any concerns or disputes that may arise.

Running online votes for initiatives related to pay, benefits, perks, etc. helps employees and staff understand the process behind some of the tough decisions that are made. It also makes everyone feel more involved in business operations as they did when your company was smaller.


It simplifies union communication

Online voting systems enable streamlined communication between employees and union organizers. Announcements, updates, and important documents can be easily shared through the platform, ensuring everyone remains informed throughout the unionization process.

Additionally, digital documentation eliminates the need for extensive paperwork, reducing administrative burdens and allowing organizers to focus on more critical aspects of the unionization effort.


It provides records for legal compliance 

Online voting systems help unions adhere to legal requirements associated with the unionization process. These systems often come equipped with features that ensure compliance with relevant labor laws, such as validating voter eligibility and maintaining accurate records.

By using an online platform, unions can confidently demonstrate their commitment to fair and lawful unionization procedures.


It can save time and money 

Transitioning to an online voting system can result in significant cost and time savings for unions. Eliminating the need for physical ballots, manual counting, and extensive travel can reduce expenses associated with the unionization process.

Moreover, online systems accelerate the voting timeline, allowing for quicker resolution and decision-making.


It ensures everyone can participate equally 

One of the key advantages of an online voting system is the increased accessibility it offers. Employees can participate in the unionization process from anywhere, eliminating geographical barriers and ensuring that everyone's voice is heard.

Additionally, online systems provide accommodations for individuals with disabilities, allowing them to engage in the voting process without any hindrance.


It provides nuanced insights that aid negotiation 

Running a union vote online gives you more insight into what your union members need. For example, after running a ballot on how to improve work hours best, you may learn that staffers actually prefer having the option to telework rather than reducing the number of hours worked per week.

Negotiation is a two-way street, and you might be surprised how easy it could be to make both sides happy.


It requires that people make decisions, together 

More importantly, online elections increase the sense of community and solidarity within organizations. This is particularly with companies that have a large number of employees in different locations.

Making key choices with the input of those most affected by it is huge to the success of any organization, union, or otherwise.

It can be hard to get everyone on the same page at a company. When unionizing online, the complexity grows since everyone's not in the same room.

Learn about how we work with unions and contact us to learn how we empower organizations to make impactful decisions.

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