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Self-Administered vs. Managed Elections: Which One is Right for You?

Self-Administered vs. Managed Elections: Which One is Right for You?

If you have an election deadline approaching, you need a voting solution that’s easy, effective, and one that caters to the needs of both you and your voters.

You might have already chosen online voting as your method of choice, but now comes a decision that’s often overlooked: would you want to handle ballot setup and management yourself?

Or would you rather let a trusted third party handle it all for you?


Your Voting Options: Self Service vs. Hands-Off Solutions

To help you make the right choice for your organization, let’s explore our self-service platform versus our managed services.

Depending on the type of election you’re planning to have and the number of voters you’d like to include, you may find that you need a little more assistance than you initially thought!


Self-Service: Creating and running votes without assistance

You may want to choose a self-service plan if you:


Want to quickly set up your ballot

Regardless of when your election will take place or how many voters you're expecting, self-service is equipped to handle both basic elections as well as a few specialized voting needs.

You're able to build your ballot and activate it in just three easy steps: Upload voters, add candidate profiles and choices, and customize ballot settings such as question filtering and weighted voting.


Enjoy building voter notifications

With our self-service plans, you can take advantage of our built-in email campaigns to ramp up voter turnout and generate awareness.

Create brand-consistent email campaigns by using your company’s logo and branding. You can make these campaigns as personalized and as informative as you like by including merge fields and voter links.


Need to customize your voter preferences

Tailor your ballot to your voters and build a unique voting experience by customizing their login landing page and their voter experience – including adding instructions and choosing mandatory responses.

Many of our clients have chosen to run their votes using a self-service platform – we’ve set up ours so you can run yours without a hitch.

But, just because you choose self-service doesn’t mean you’re on your own. We are happy to offer support throughout the ballot building, management, and voting process.


Managed Services: Getting some help with important aspects of your vote

Choose a managed services plan if you:


Are a large organization with unique needs

We understand that not every organization is the same, which is why we’re really good at creating custom solutions for our more challenging voting events. Every managed services plan begins with an in-depth analysis of your unique situation and your voting goals. We’ll then determine what services are necessary for your election’s success.


Want a hands-off voting experience.

Uploading voters, setting up email campaigns, and providing voter assistance can be overwhelming sometimes – especially if you have thousands of voters and need to customize your ballot.

Managed services take the guesswork out of voting. We’ll handle it all, and at the same time loop you in so you know what’s happening at every stage of your election.


Like having control, but want us to handle the tricky stuff

You'll be able to pick and choose the services you need.

Do you want to handle email setup while we handle voter assistance? The great thing about managed services is that it’s completely, 100% tailored to you and your organization.


Want deeper insights and custom reporting

Learn more about your voter’s behavior and what drives them to participate. We can put together advanced election analytics based on what voter data is most important to you.



Now that you’ve explored our self-service and managed services, we hope that we’ve given you the guidance you need to make the best decision regarding your upcoming election. To get an even closer look at what we offer have a look at our pricing page.

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