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Law Firm

online lawyer

2 min read

7 Important Data Security Practices for Law Firms

Each year, law firms have emails, passwords, and other personal data stolen through third-party websites like Dropbox and LinkedIn. This stolen...

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law firm leadership and management

2 min read

5 Characteristics of Good Law Firm Management and Leadership

Contrary to the beliefs of some people, law firms are not immune to common hardships faced by traditional businesses--staff reductions, lost deals,...

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practice management software

3 min read

The Best Practice Management Software Programs for Law Firms

Managing a law firm can be an overwhelming job. On top of juggling cases and filing court documents, it can be difficult to keep up with the actual...

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board of governors

2 min read

A Vote for Corruption, Bureaucracy...or the Board of Governors?

“Two candidates castigate the bar for a variety of complaints, including perceived corruption, bloated bureaucracy and alleged misbehavior of bench...

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