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Best Free Survey Tools for Low Security Votes

Best Free Survey Tools for Low Security Votes

A free online survey tool is a great option for organizations who need to run a quick vote. Simply put, an online survey is typically a digital form or platform that is accessible by anyone with the survey link.

Online surveys are generally very easy to build, which makes them a great choice for administrators or vote coordinators who need a simple, straightforward answer. Because survey tools are public and very rarely require login authentication, voters can participate without having to enter any personal details. However, this lack of security makes some election admins think twice about how their data, and their voter’s data is used. Going with an open-voting solution such as a survey or a closed-voting solution with voter authentication depends entirely on your organization or your needs.

Take a look at some of the best survey tools for low security votes below:


1. Google Forms

One of the biggest draws for Google Forms is that your responses are automatically gathered in Google Spreadsheets. Another great feature of Google Forms is that it offers skip logic – meaning the questions your respondents see next will change depending on how they answer the previous question. Other features include:

  • Free survey tool
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Unlimited participants
  • Custom branding
  • Surveys can be embedded into emails or websites


2. Typeform

A Typeform is not only easy to use, it’s aesthetically pleasing. Choose from templates or design your own – the experience is designed entirely around your respondents. Typeform’s free version lets you:

  • Gather up to 100 responses per month
  • Ask up to 10 questions per form
  • Choose from attractive existing templates


3. Survey Planet

For a free online survey, Survey Planet’s tool is quite robust. Choose from pre-written surveys for quick setup and enjoy unlimited surveys, questions, and responses.

  • Anonymous surveys
  • Survey embedding
  • Language options available
  • Basic reporting


4. Zoho Survey

Zoho’s Survey tool also provides valuable skip logic and can be customizable to your brand. With their theme builder, you can choose survey options and design a form that is specific to your needs.

  • Social media and email sharing
  • Customizable reporting
  • Google Sheets integration
  • Response purchasing available


5. SoGoSurvey

Like other survey tools, SoGoSurvey’s poll maker is quick and easy to use. Choose from pre-designed poll templates or make one from scratch to complement your brand.

  • Share polls through embedded links
  • Customize polls with branding
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Real-time reporting


All of the free online survey tools mentioned above will absolutely get your vote done. But if you’re looking for a voting platform that has all of these features and that you can use for everything from simple surveys to high profile elections, you might want to explore a closed voting solution such as our eBallot Essential or eBallot for Business products.

Because closed votes or elections require authentication and offer a higher level of security, it prevents fraudulent voter behavior such as double voting. If your vote calls for accurate and fair results, it may be worth skipping the survey and choosing a more robust voting method that also protects your data. Not to mention, most closed voting solutions including our platform, offer a level of customization you can use to provide your voters or respondents with a stellar experience.

To see how our voting platform works and if it’s right for your security needs, check out our products here.

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