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Disrupting the Doctor's Visit: Tech Improves Patient Satisfaction and Engagement

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jun 25, 2019


Digital healthcare is not new, however, it continues to grow through health tools such as wearables (think Fitbit), patient web portals, telemedicine and the rise of AI.

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To Improve Patient Satisfaction, Ask More Questions

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jul 10, 2018

07-10-18 ask patients questions-web1028px

Leaders in the healthcare industry know that patient engagement and satisfaction are crucial to growth and sustainability. In fact, one of the top reasons patients choose not to return to a hospital after treatment is bad service and lack of attention on staff’s part.

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Get Your Doctors More Involved in Care Decisions Through Online Collaboration

Posted by Mia Logan on May 8, 2018

05-07-18 doctor collaboration-web1028px

Improving your hospital's health outcomes is a top priority, and increasing the use of electronic voting options in health systems allows physicians more time to make the right calls.

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Patients Dropping Off? Here’s How To Make Them Stay

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jan 25, 2018

01-25-18 patients dropping off-web1028px.png

Six ways to improve the patient experience in your hospital

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Contemporary Healthcare Leadership Has Transformed... Is Your Organization Keeping Up?

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Jan 4, 2018

contemporary healthcare leadership.jpg

Advancing the right people requires an orientation toward modern organizational change.

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Rethink Your Health System's Merger: 5 Ways a Well-Planned Hospital Alliance Improves Healthcare Outcomes

Posted by Sarah Diamond on Dec 27, 2017

hospital alliances and mergers improve organizations

When hospitals and health systems start to see a decline in profit, government funding or patient retention, the struggle to stay afloat looms large.

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Hospital Associations and the Healthy Habit of Voting

Posted by Katie McCaskey on Nov 14, 2017

Online Voting Helps Hospital Administration Elections

Hospital boards and associations vote on regular basis to keep their constituents healthy.


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