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Simplify Your Election With SSO

Simplify Your Election With SSO

First things first. What exactly is SSO?

SSO stands for Single Sign-On – a method of user authentication that allows a user to enter in a single set of login credentials on a website or application, such as a username and password, to access multiple sites during the same session.

One good example of SSO that you may be familiar using is Googles services. When enter your login information to access your email account, you automatically get access to other services and applications such as Google Analytics, YouTube, and Google+. You may even find that other websites give you access when you log in using your social media accounts. Other sites, such as the publication Condé Nast, allow you to access many of their other digital publications using just one login.


Benefits of SSO when it comes to running a vote

You can see how this is not only convenient, it also encourages users to explore your other offerings seamlessly. When integrated into a digital voting event, it can create a better voter experience as well as provide monitoring for the organization conducting the event. If you are planning on hosting your next vote online, then you might want to consider integrating SSO simply for the sole purpose of making it easier on your voters.

Many organizations have an intranet, or a web portal where employees sign in to access certain documents or view special announcements. With SSO, voters can log in to your organization’s portal and access their unique ballot – without worrying about misplacing their login information.

What other reasons should you consider SSO?


Benefits for Voters

As mentioned earlier, voters don’t have to worry about locating their specific set of voting credentials, because they already have that information and have been using it. They also don’t have to go to a special web address to access their ballot because it’s waiting in your organizations web portal.

SSO’s are great for voters because:

  • They don’t need a new set of voter/login credentials
  • They can access the ballot in a familiar place
  • Logging in just once is convenient
  • Accessibility is not an issue, especially for less tech-savvy folks
  • SSO’s create a better voting experience
  • Voters will be more inclined to vote again in the future if they have a pleasant first experience


Benefits for Organizations

Your organization will benefit just as much as your voters with SSO. Since voters are logging into a portal they access regularly, you can take that opportunity to promote your vote throughout your portal. When your voting event starts, you’ll likely get a higher turnout because your voters won’t be confronted with challenges when locating their ballot. Other benefits are:

  • Less time dedicated to administrative tasks such as retrieving passwords for voters
  • Less complications lead to higher turnout
  • Eliminates voter dissatisfaction and encourages a higher turnout for future events
  • Makes marketing your voting event to your voters easy and convenient


How eBallot can integrate SSO into your next vote

Our eBallot for Business voting platform is fully equipped to handle your SSO requests. We’ve worked with numerous organizations to seamlessly integrate our voting software into your website to make voting simple and easy. One thing to keep in mind, you’ll want to ensure you still have some sort of two-factor authentication along with SSO in order to maintain a high level of security. Our team can accommodate your most pressing security concerns without sacrificing convenience – learn more here.

SSO not only makes your voting event more pleasant for your voters, it can improve voter participation and satisfaction in the future. To chat with us more about how we can add SSO to your existing voting process, get in touch with us today.

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