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Start getting the answers you need in real time.


eBallot gets you the results you need to make the important decisions.

Build your ballot in minutes and notify your voters. Using our online voting system, they’ll cast their votes from anywhere, using any device.


We ensure your data is secure, backed up, and there when you need it.

With fully auditable and private voting events, we've consistently met strict security protocols for the last 15 years, and we're not stopping now.

Better Voting

Our holistic approach means a more enjoyable voting experience.

Whether you need voter support, custom reporting analytics or even tips on how to ramp up excitement for your next event, we’re here for you.

Our Voting Software Plans

Self Service

If you need to run a vote, survey, or ballot quickly, our Pro and Premium plans are perfect for small-scale events. Use our service to manage emails to voters, generate reports and analytics, and send reminders of your voting event.

These ballots are self-administered with a price-point that is ideal for K-12 schools, clubs or everyday voting.


We offer fully-customizable voting solutions for medium-sized and enterprise organizations. Our development teams can accommodate a variety of technical customizations including SSO, branch logic, language options, and more.

You'll also receive extended support from our customer experience team to meet all of your unique needs.