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Our comprehensive guide to increasing membership retention compiles insights from several top marketing sources, associations, and member behavior data.
Sarah Diamond
Written by Sarah Diamond

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For an association to be effective at advocating for its members, they need an active and involved membership.


What's the key to association membership rates?

While most organizations think the key to keeping an active membership is to go after new members and focus on that, truthfully speaking, retaining members is often a more effective and efficient use of your time.

Despite this, many associations aren’t sure where to start when it comes to managing membership renewals nor do they know how to retain current members through engagement. In fact, according to 2016 benchmarking report by Marketing General Incorporated, “lack of member engagement is the top reason for declining renewals among associations.”

Our comprehensive guide to increasing membership retention compiles insights from several top marketing sources, associations, and member behavior data.


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Building upon our last membership post, we go over:


1. How to improve your onboarding process without forgetting about the importance of renewals

Learn how to set yourself up for success at the beginning with our strategic tips for onboarding new members in a way that makes their renewal process as seamless and simple as possible.


2. Outreach, timing, and multi-channel marketing strategies

What’s a good cadence for member outreach? How often should you send reminder emails? Should you still use direct mail if trends are moving toward email and online outreach?

Get answers for your timing and outreach questions while learning how to get the most important information in front of your members. That'll make nudging them toward a desired action (such as renewing their membership) a smoother, more predicatable process.


3. Audience segmentation and personalized content

Your members probably have a few things in common by virtue of being an association member.

However that doesn’t mean a one-size fits all solution is an appropriate approach to encouraging renewals. Use our member insights to guide your audience segments and get advice on how to create personalized content that resonates with each individual member.


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Originally published Mar 6, 2018, updated March 6, 2018

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