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How to Improve Employee Satisfaction and Feedback with Online Voting

Online voting can simplify and expand business' capacity for measuring and improving employee engagement in the workplace. Find out how in our latest post.
Alex Hay
Written by Alex Hay

Increasing employee engagement in the workplace can present its own set of challenges. Employers need to ensure that employees are satisfied with the culture in place and that they are eager to work collaboratively with their colleagues.

Of course, you can’t satisfy everyone 100 percent of the time. However, you do want to constantly take note of the engagement level of your team in order to keep morale high. Be aware that even one disengaged employee can potentially spread negative energy to their peers.

Employers need to find ways to improve employee engagement in the workplace--ways that must be tailored to the unique needs and motivations of each employee. Online voting can be deployed in situations such as these as a flexible tool to take the temperature of the workplace environment and determine the health of employee engagement.

Here are some ways to use online voting to get feedback from employees regarding their level of engagement:

Encourage flexibility

When making decisions about team-building activities and employee benefits, give your team plenty of options to choose from so they can feel that they are truly valued as a member of the community.

Giving your team the opportunity to vote on a variety of events can be a simple way to accomplish this.

Recognize the people going above and beyond

One of the best ways to increase employee engagement in the workplace is by simply saying ‘Thank You’ to your employees. It is time you appreciate all their effort and hard work that they have put into making your company a better place. It is indeed such a simple thing, but it is often overlooked, especially in large organizations.

Online voting can be applied here both at a management level as well as the employee level -- colleagues and managers alike can nominate and vote on deserving recipients of awards or specific recognition for various accomplishments.

Solicit honest feedback

Honesty is not only the best policy especially at the workplace -- it is the only policy in building a successful business. The last aspect of nailing employee engagement is having honest communication among your team members.

When employees understand that telling the truth comes with no major consequences, small problems that occur can be identified early and could be solved before it blows out of proportion.

Management must adopt an environment where respectful and honest communication is highly valued and employees are encouraged to take ownership of their failures as well as their successes.

Implementing anonymous voting systems can give managers the ability to poll employees on their satisfaction and identify areas of improvement, without making employees afraid of possible retaliation.

Voting works best for engaging employees

These are just a few of the ways that online voting can help employers engage with their employees. It’s important to invest time and resources into making your employees happy, as they are the lifeblood of your organization.

Interested in using online voting for employee engagement? Contact our team now and we’d be happy to provide you with more information.



Originally published May 1, 2020, updated May 1, 2020

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