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Can Your Web Browser Make You More Productive? Try These 5 Apps

Can Your Web Browser Make You More Productive? Try These 5 Apps

Many tech companies boast that their products and services will help your business make more money or run more efficiently. But can something as simple as a browser extension make you more productive?

How would you like it if you leverage your browser to increase your focus, save time and get more organized?

Google Chrome Extensions make this possible, and developers are constantly pumping out new tools every day to help people reach peak performance.

We've compiled some of our favorite (and free!) Chrome extensions that will boost your productivity.


Grammarly is a writing assistant and helps to minimize typos and grammatical errors when you write.

It corrects any mistake you make while typing. It could be emails, social media, documents. It also enhances your writing by suggesting better words or phrases. The tool also gives you explanations for all your mistakes. What is more that it provides a report of your progress on your writing skills!


As the name suggests it is an advertisement blocker, which blocks ads all over the web.

It blocks all the annoying popups that you get when you visit various webpages! So you won’t click on spammy advertisements or will be retargeted by sites you visit. What’s more that it doesn’t store your private information or tracks your online behavior!

AdBlock has become a necessity of online browsing. It continues to improve and over time it has added Youtube ad blocking and Google Ad blocking as well. It has 40 million downloads and great reviews!

Last Pass

LastPass has become another essential tool, due to its ability to remember and autofill passwords for Social Media, Shopping Sites & other websites. It is secure and is voted the best password manager by PCMag.

How many passwords you need to remember these days? Chances are that you always need to click on that time consuming “Forgot Password” button every time you visit a time after a while. LastPass takes away all of that and stores all your information safely & securely. It also supports mobile!

If you use anymore that 10 passwords, use it. LastPass lets you keep complex passwords and still not worry.


It is a productivity extension that helps you focus by counting down time and blacklisting sites which will kill your productivity.

While there are many count-down extensions available, Forest stands out because it grows an animated tree while it counts down the minutes you need to be focused. If you visit the blocked sites in the time being, the tree dies and the mission fails!

It is extremely intuitive and the UI is amazing. People want to focus because it gives them a chance to grow an entire forest in a day! To be honest most people hate to see a tree die (even if it is virtual!)


With Pushbullet, you can view all your mobile notifications on desktop, share files from desktop to your phone and even forward calls to your PC.

There are no complications to use it and if you are always juggling between your PC and mobile, this might be the perfect extension for you.

7 million users are successfully using it. Most of them have good things to say about it. It is real time and seamless.

What are some of your favorite apps and extensions to help you stay productive throughout the work day? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!

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