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An Overview

Unions represent workers and their interests across a wide variety of industries. Crucial decisions on representation, employer relations, and labor action can only happen after a secure democratic vote. Since this affects everything from contracts to leadership, there is an extra level of scrutiny from all sides.

A Labor Intensive Process

Preparing, mailing, and tabulating hundreds or thousands ballots requires time and effort. Union ballots often face extra regulatory measures as well:

  • Reaching members in different locations, or when they are mobile
  • Making sure your voters have the right ballot and questions
  • Meeting double-envelope, or other secrecy and integrity standards
  • Finding team members to actually run the election or vote

Special Representation

Besides elections for the overall leadership, many unions have smaller categories, based on chapters or work sites, with their own questions. These divisions mean that an administrator must:

  • Assign each voter the correct ballot or questions
  • Separately manage each department’s tabulations for specific questions
  • Balance identifiable groupings with the need for voter confidentiality
  • Manually count and recount the results to ensure accuracy

Reports, Neutrality, and Accountability

Our reports help when you are faced with proving the integrity and secrecy of a ballot. We offer:

  • Downloadable raw data and certified results reports
  • Auditability features and tracked administrator activity
  • IP restriction and administrator IP tracking
  • Ballot delivery and turnout verification

Our Approach

With our experience serving unions, eBallot for Business can help you facilitate a secure, accessible, and auditable ballot. Our software has been used by countless unions to improve their voting process:

  • Union Specific Platform – We offer a special platform specifically for unions, which includes several built in systems that help them meet their regulatory needs
  • Double-envelope secrecy – Our union-specific solution replicates double-envelope confidentiality, protecting voters and their decisions
  • Instant delivery - Our online voting solutions mean individual ballots are sent digitally with secure access and are automatically tabulated
  • Easier ballot access - Employees can be reached regardless of their location, cast their ballot at their convenience, and still save time
  • No manual counting - We instantly tabulate the results and automatically match a voter to their category or committee

Need to run a vote?

eBallot is proud to have facilitated several voting events at various workplaces, improving their governance processes.

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