Michael Dabrowski

Head of Marketing


5 min read

Voting Software for Zoom Meetings: Here are Your Options

Here are the top voting software options if you've found yourself needing to manage voting in online meetings over Zoom.

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iowa caucus

6 min read

Why the 2020 Iowa Caucus App Failed Miserably

On February 3, 2020, the Iowa Democratic Caucus provided a contentious and convoluted series of events that delayed the results for the better part...

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email vote

3 min read

Planning to run a vote over email? Here's what you should know.

Getting people together to vote requires a lot of upfront planning, travel, sometimes cost (if geographically spread out), and leaders to manage this...

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3 min read

Solving Membership Retention Decline

It’s no secret that developing retention messaging efforts involves effective communication. Research from the ASAE Foundation insists that...

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