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3 Tips for Running a Board of Directors Election

Running an effective board of directors election is crucial to the success of your organization. Here are 3 simple tips to ensure a smooth election.
Written by Alex Hay

The nomination and evaluation of quality candidates for a board of directors can be an intensive yet vital process for many organizations. Board elections are especially important as they can often influence the direction of an organization’s growth and development for several years.

That’s why having an effective election process in place is great for setting things up for future success. Here are a few tips we have for running a board of directors election.


Set up clear lines of communication

It's crucial to have an outreach strategy so that your voters are aware that the vote is taking place and know exactly where and how to vote. You can promote your vote through email or social media, or you can post the details of your vote in common areas throughout your organization.

Promoting your vote not only is necessary for ensuring that voters access their ballot without a hitch, it’s important for combatting voter apathy by sharing exactly why their vote counts and is needed. We recommend a consistent promotion strategy before, during and sometimes even after your election.


Provide candidate profiles

Organizations can also provide documents to help voters stay informed. Voters need context in order to make the right decision. When you present a candidate with enough information, you’re giving them the power to make an informed choice.

Candidates also deserve a chance to share their mission or experience. Candidate profiles are a great way to get their message across and can be shared before the vote so your voters have time to review.


Maintain election security and ballot authenticity

Ballots should be kept secret until they are counted so no foul play occurs. This can be accomplished through an established online voting software with built-in security measures or by appointing voting administrators.

Administrators may watch over things and ensure that votes and results remain fair and confidential. Votes may be counted during an open meeting to provide more transparency or with the help of a third party provider.

No matter how big the initiative is you’re voting on, you do not want to put yourself in any situation where your or your voter’s data is compromised. A good voting system will have sound security infrastructure in place and ensure that your data is backed up regularly. Regular security updates and a disaster recovery plan is always something you should consider when using or choosing a voting provider.


Ensuring a smooth election

Businesses form boards of directors with the thought in mind that the best decisions are made collectively. A board that is carefully and methodically chosen will provide years of guidance and wisdom for any organization.

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Originally published May 8, 2020, updated May 26, 2020

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