Your Quick Guide to SSOs

Learn how to streamline your next election and create a better voter experience with this handy integration:

  • Make your votes easy to access for all your voters

  • Securely authenticate all of your voters

  • Allow only eligible voters to participate

  • Easy integration into existing platforms 

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A Brief Overview


Voting made easy

SSOs not only enable you to run more streamlined elections. They allow you voters to access their ballots with ease.


A secure add-on

Multi-factor authentication is best practice for elections - however this integration offers an added level of security.


Peace of mind

Integrating SSO ensures that only eligible voters can participate in your election. This affords you a fair and accurate outcome.


Easy integration

Adding SSO to your election is quick and straightforward, depending on your voting provider. After integration, all you need to do is notify your voters.

Is SSO right for your organization? 

Use this guide to discover if SSO is right for your organization:

  • SSO might be right for you if you have many voters

    Large organizations require a seamless voting experience to ensure participation.

  • SSO is a good choice for high-impact or secure votes

    This integration puts your ballot in the right hands while offering an added layer of security.

  • SSO helps create a more enjoyable voting experience

    When it's easy to vote, it's more likely that people participate. SSO will set you up for a successful vote, now and in the future.



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