SGA Elections


SGA Elections


Student Government Associations are comprised of students who represent the student body, and work closely with faculty to shape the school experience for their peers.


Vote for your SGA leaders using an online voting platform

We take a simple yet secure approach to online voting.

Our ballots are easy to build and your students can log in from anywhere using any device to cast their votes. We don’t take your voting events lightly – your data is housed in a secure database where they are fully backed up and available when you need it.


No matter the size of your school, we have a plan that will accommodate your needs

  • Easily create multiple ballots so you can get the results you need sooner.
  • Add candidate profiles and a brief bio to the ballot using our candidate profiles.
  • Upload all of your eligible voters to the ballot to make it easier to send out reminders.
  • Monitor activity throughout the election using our Voter Activity Report, and download a full snapshot of the event once your ballot closes.

Need help with your school's student government election? Let us help.

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Need to run a vote?

We're proud to have facilitated several voting events for schools around the world. By running votes online, schools are able to make impactful decisions while saving time and resources.

Contact us to get started.