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Shareholder Voting

An Overview

Shareholder voting is not only relevant to large public companies, but smaller ventures are also financed through equity.  In both cases, shareholders have the right to make key decisions democratically. During this critical process, companies have a responsibility to adhere to the highest standards.


Challenges with a Shareholder Vote

Making sure that your decisions occur in an environment of integrity is a priority. Organizing the voting process to facilitate those decisions can be challenging, and it entails numerous responsibilities for one person, including:

  • Finding addresses, mailing proxies, and inviting shareholders to a live meeting
  • Ensuring shareholders participate in the vote
  • Delivering ballots to voters and having voters return them in a timely manner
  • Making sure decisions remain anonymous but verifiable

Voter Access Issues

Even when the organizational elements are taken care of, there are other barriers when it comes to voters accessing their ballots and ensuring the integrity of your vote. More specifically:

  • Complexities with managing those in different time zones and locations
  • Ensuring that ballots are delivered and accessed by the correct individual
  • Easily accessing the results of your vote
  • Making sure that proxy assignments happen smoothly

Gathering Results

When shareholders vote, counting those results without associating them with a shareholder’s known equity encompasses several challenges:

  • Counting individual ballots with different weights and adding them manually
  • Maintaining confidentiality when weights are unique to an individual voter
  • Balancing turnout and ballot return with confidentiality

Our Approach

With these issues in mind, eBallot for Business can help you facilitate a secure, accessible, and auditable voting event. Our software has been successfully used for shareholder voting events and has worked favorably for a number of clients. We offer:

  • Automatic ballot delivery - Our online voting solutions mean individual ballots are sent digitally with secure access and tracked delivery


  • Easier ballot access - Members can be reached regardless of their location, cast their ballot at their convenience, and keep to strict deadlines


  • No manual counting - We tabulate the results instantly and automatically match a ballot to their shareholder’s equity


  • Maintain confidentiality – Individual voter turnout is monitored without the results of their vote being known

Need to run a vote?

eBallot is proud to have facilitated many prominent shareholder votes. Easier voting access has improved turnout, shareholder engagement, and improved investor relations.

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