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Professional Societies

Professional Societies

An Overview

Professional societies are more than just a group of members. They represent an entire body as one, assisting in advancing professional standards, furthering education, and representing the interests of their members. When it comes to voting, organizing elections and ratifications can be difficult, especially when members are part of different departments or specializations.


Global Voting Challenges

Having a geographically-scattered membership can make it difficult to update mailing addresses or gather members together. It also adds problems to a typical voting process such as:

  • Traditional voting methods are more complex and time-consuming
  • Segmenting members into groups so they vote only on ballots relevant to them 
  • Creating ballots for individual members with their own candidates, or questions

Additional Voting Needs

Besides elections for the overall membership, many bodies have smaller categories based on specializations, industries, and practices. Typical considerations include:

  • Members who need to make decisions on their own specific candidates or questions
  • Assigning the correct ballot to voters of the right segments
  • Spliting voters into multiple groups, while allowing them to vote as a whole

Paper and Digital Voting Concerns

Major organizations often have their own existing voting setup, with guidelines that can complicate voting. Some issues with mixed voting methods are:

  • Absentees or certain members that insist on paper ballots
  • Manually counting, recounting, and auditing paper votes
  • Making sure both paper and electronic votes are integrated as a whole, instead of two disjointed tabulations

Our Approach

With these issues in mind, eBallot for Business can help you facilitate a secure, accessible, and auditable voting event. Our software has been used by many major bodies each year to improve their voting process:

  • Faster ballot delivery - Our online voting solutions mean individual ballots are sent digitally with secure access and are automatically tabulated


  • Easier ballot access - Members can be reached regardless of their location, cast their ballot at their convenience, and still save time


  • No manual counting - We instantly tabulate the results, and automatically match a voter to their department


  • Paper and digital voting – We make hybrid tabulations and ballot types match seamlessly

Need to run a vote?

We're proud to have facilitated voting events for professional societies around the world, saving them valuable time and resources while supporting their most critical decisions.

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