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Partnership Voting

An Overview

The partnership model of governance brings people together to make key decisions. Whether you're involved with Legal or Accounting, organizing your voting process can be a challenge. With multiple offices and team members around the world, there is a responsibility to your partners to ensure high standards.


Organization of a Partnership Vote

Facilitating your firm’s decision-making involves many moving parts and entails numerous responsibilities for those managing the vote. These include:

  • Ensuring that ballots were delivered and accessed by the correct individual
  • Tabulating several ballots requires significant time and resources
  • Creating a positive voter experience over repeated voting events

Balancing Access and Security

Senior partners have different levels of equity. Their individual ballots are counted based on this, which means:

  • Maintaining confidentiality when a ballot reflects a partner’s specific equity share
  • Tabulating weights quickly and correctly across several questions
  • Partners handling numerous documents and busy schedules.
  • Tracking down paper ballots and physically turning them in

Mixed Voting Methods

Global organizations often have existing voting processes with rules and members that can complicate voting. Even though an ideal voting process would be fully electronic, paper balloting creates needs such as:

  • Absentees or certain members that insist on paper ballots
  • Manually counting, recounting, and auditing the paper vote
  • Making sure both paper and electronic work as one, instead of two tabulations

Our Approach

eBallot for Business facilitates a secure, accessible, and auditable voting event. Our software has been successfully used for many shareholder voting events over the years. We provide:

  • Automatic ballot delivery - Our online voting solutions mean individual ballots are delivered by email with secure access and tracked reception


  • Easier ballot access – Partners can be reached regardless of time and cast their ballot at their convenience


  • No manual counting - We instantly tabulate the results and automatically match ballots to shareholder equity


  • Maintain confidentiality – Individual voter turnout is able to be monitored without the results of their vote being known


  • Paper & digital integration – We make both tabulations and ballot types match seamlessly

Need to run a vote?

We're proud to have facilitated a diverse array of voting events for accounting, legal, and consulting firms. Our technology makes organizing and managing your votes faster and simpler, while bringing your governance in line with your organization’s other practices

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