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Healthcare Voting

The model of governance used for numerous healthcare facilities brings physicians and medical staff together to make key decisions. Whether you are a large hospital network or individual facility, organizing the actual process can be difficult, especially with multiple offices and team members that are always busy. There is a duty to physicians and senior staff to ensure high standards, so that their participation is easy and meaningful, whether in the advancement of other team members or the approval of a new measure.


Process Inefficiencies

Finding senior staff and tabulating several ballots requires effort beyond that of most organizations:

  • Locating the necessary staff and professionals to tabulate ballots
  • Getting each voter the right ballot and questions for their department or practice
  • Busy staff members that cannot go to a polling location
  • Allocating team members to run the election instead of other duties

Membership Segmentation

Besides elections for the overall membership, many hospitals and healthcare networks have smaller divisions, based on location or work, that are often called upon to make decisions on specific matters or elect special positions. These divisions mean that an administrator must:

  • Assign each staff member the correct ballot or questions
  • Separately manage each department’s tabulations for specific questions
  • Balance identifiably groupings with the need for voter confidentiality
  • Manually count and recount the results to ensure accuracy

Reporting on Voting Outcomes

With the highest level of responsibility to physicians and management, you want to be able to prove the integrity of your vote. Our vote reporting and analytics demonstrate the transparency and integrity of the voting process:

  • Downloadable raw data and certified results reports
  • Auditability features and tracked administrator activity
  • IP restriction and administrator IP tracking
  • Ballot delivery and turnout verification

Our Approach

eBallot for Business facilitates a secure, accessible, and auditable voting event. Our software has been used by many healthcare organizations each year to improve their voting process:

  • Instant delivery - Individual ballots to be delivered by email with secure access and are automatically tabulated


  • Easier ballot access - Staff can be reached regardless of their location, cast their ballot at their convenience, and enjoy a seamless voting process


  • No manual counting - We instantly tabulate the results and automatically match a voter to their department

Need to run a vote?

We're proud to help the healthcare sector improve the organization and management of voting events. Let us know the details of what you're trying to accomplish and we'll be in touch.

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