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Homeowners Associations (HOAs)

HOA Election Services

HOAs function as more than just a simple association. They are true cooperatives and their shareholders have the right to make key decisions democratically. Homeowners association leaders are responsible for ensuring high standards during all voting procedures that impact their residents and community.

Carrying Out Your Vote

Preparing your HOA ballots can be challenging. Whether your election is for a new board or a bylaws ratification, there's a lot to consider with traditional voting:

  • Printing and designing information to go with the ballot

  • Delivering those ballots to individual voters

  • Making sure ballots are returned in time

  • Manually counting and recounting ballots


Weighted Voting & Confidentiality

When residents vote based on the influence they have, managing the voting process becomes more complex. Concerns include: 

  • Counting individual ballots with different weights and adding them up

  • Maintaining confidentiality when weights are unique to an individual voter

  • Having to balance voter participation and confidentiality needs


Vote Turnout and Analytics

Our reports offer more insight into your vote, and prove that the voting process is transparent and secure. We offer:

  • Downloadable raw data and certified results reports

  • Auditability features and administrator activity

  • IP restriction and administrator IP tracking

  • Ballot delivery and turnout verification


Our Approach

eBallot facilitates a secure, accessible, and auditable voting event. Our software is used by many HOAs and housing cooperatives each year to improve their voting process:

  • Instant ballot delivery - Our online voting solutions mean ballots are sent digitally, securely, and are automatically tabulated

  • Easier ballot access - Members can be reached anywhere and cast their ballot at their convenience

  • Faster counting - We instantly tabulate the results and automatically match a ballot to the correct weight



Need to run a vote?

We're proud to have created a more modern and seamless voting process for many HOAs, condos, and other resident associations by focusing on improving turnout and helping key decisions reach quorum.

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