Council Elections


Union councils include elected union officials who represent various organizational interests.

Generally, an election is held to nominate management roles such as President, Vice-President, General Secretary and Treasurer. Since these candidates will be representing your fellow workers best interests, you’ll need an election process that’s both easy to use and fair.


Use the right online voting tool for your next council election

It’s important that workers get a say in who will represent them.

We want your ballot to be accessible, so we’ve made it possible to vote from anywhere, using any device. Our process is simple: start a ballot, add your candidates and resumes, activate your ballot, then notify your voters! It’s that easy to start seeing results.


Union officer elections should not only be easy to set up, they need to be fair

  • Union elections must adhere to strict rules, and we’re pleased to say we’ve worked with hundreds of unions to meet these guidelines.
  • When setting up your ballot in eBallot, you can set your voting style to anonymous, but you can still monitor results as they come in. 
  • To get maximum turnout for your event, use our convenient built-in email campaigns to send reminders before and during the election.

 Does your union have a council election coming up? Let eBallot help.


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We’re an impartial third party provider who has no stake in the results of your vote.


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