We consistently meet strict security protocols to make sure your data is secure, backed up, and available when you need it. Our security measures encompass every aspect of our business and span from personnel restrictions and system checks (internal and external), to product security.



Protecting your data is our highest priority. Each eBallot employee must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) upon hire which is available at Terms of use and Privacy. Access to specific customer data is restricted based on employee’s roles.


Personnel Security Practices

Building access 

Our office requires keycard access and all visitors are recorded and monitored.

Login access

All workstations require passcode entry and are secured by full disk encryption. We consistently apply updates and software patches to ensure system health and that our processes are running properly. 

Data encryption

Data in transit is secured through web connections via Verisign SSL . We also use additional layers of verification to prohibit insecure connections. 


Data Center Security and Compliance

eBallot is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secure cloud service platform built on sound network infrastructure. AWS has multiple certifications, including SSAE 16, that adheres to an extensive list of global security standards. For more information on AWS and their security processes, please visit and



Disaster Recovery

We conduct regular system backups to ensure our processes and services are working properly. Your data is automatically backed up each night and stored redundantly at multiple locations in AWS’s secure data centers. Our recovery procedures ensure that your data will always be available, even in the event of a disaster. 


External Audits and System Checks

We work with external security advisors to conduct system audits on a regular basis. This ensures we spot any vulnerabilities in our platform right away.


Report a Concern

If you have a security concern or believe you have found a vulnerability, please get in touch with our team at