The Voter Experience

An quick overview of what it's like to vote with eBallot


What will your voters see?

What follows is an overview of what your voters will see after they log in to vote.

To understand how your voters get to these individualized ballot pages, read about our voter login and authentication process.


1. The ballots they're eligible to vote in

A personalized ballot dashboard will show all live ballots relevant to the individual who is logged in. If the voter is only eligible for one ballot, they will be taken directly to that ballot.

Ballots not relevant to the individual voter will not display.

This page includes:

  • The name of each ballot is located in the Title column

  • Open until shows the ballot close date

  • The Your Status and Action columns indicate if a ballot has been started or is complete, with links to voting receipts for completed votes



An individualized view of all relevant ballots


2. The questions they're eligible to vote on

Upon access, voters will be guided through the ballot questions you’re asking them to answer.

Generally, these involve electing a set of candidates (e.g. leadership election), voting on a spread of proposals (e.g. rule and regulations), or a mix of both.

We’ve included some common layouts below, but our team is able to customize these pages based on your preferences.


Candidate questions

This is how pages will appear when electing individuals.

Highlights include:

  • Create profiles for each candidate, including headshots, resumes, and bios

  • Upload documents and images directly to the platform for headshots, biographies, profiles, and more

  • Link to externally hosted URLs if you have files hosted elsewhere

voter selection page example (1)


A candidate selection page with headshots


Choice-type questions

Use choice-type questions when you’re voting on things like contract alterations, rule changes, ratifications, and motions.

  • Host documents with meeting information, organizational rules, contracts, bylaws, and more.

  • Easily add supporting documentation, links to more information, and videos for voters to review before making their choice.


3. The chance to review their choices

Once their choices are selected, your voters are shown what choices they made.

They’re also given the opportunity to edit their selections if they accidentally chose the wrong item or changed their mind.

You can make the Participant Consent affidavit section say whatever your organization requires. Many of our clients allow this checkbox to function as a formal e-signature.Voter review page example

The selection review page



4. A confirmation of successful vote submission

On the vote confirmation and receipt page, your voters will be shown:

  • Verification that their vote was successfully sent and recorded

  • A confirmation number, the date and time they casted their vote, as well as a formal ballot receipt

  • Direct access to any other ballots they are eligible to vote on

voter confirmation page


The formal vote confirmation page


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