All About Vote Management Services

An overview of how our team can help make your

voting rollout a success

How we think about vote management


We’re an online voting software company...


That means you can use our software on your own to:

  • Build secure votes and elections

  • Make your ballots accessible to the people in your organization, who can easily vote from their digital devices (e.g. phone, tablet, computer)

  • Access your results and vote analytics, tallied up in real-time

  • Make informed decisions based on these results


...but we’re also a voting management services company


Our expertise in building and managing voting events is a large part of the value we offer.

To say there is a significant amount of things to be aware of, not to mention do, when rolling out voting at your organization is putting it mildly. 

There are a lot of moving parts and, in many scenarios, a lot at stake--more than most people imagine.

We've seen all kinds of voting arrangements over the years, so we're in a unique position to help you navigate specific challenges while focusing on the main goal: secure, collaborative decision-making.

Popular vote management services include:

  • Acting as a third-party to eliminate any worries of potential bias in your vote or election

  • Expert consulting oversight to ensure best practices are followed and unnecessary risks are avoided

  • On-demand support and issue resolution for your voters

  • Optimization of your voter outreach, notification messages, and timing

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Our Vote Management Packages

Option 1: Comprehensive Vote Management


Amount of responsibility from your end

  • Very little


Weekly time requirements from your end

  • Less than one hour per week during setup. You’re able to be completely hands-off once your ballot is live


What We Do

  • Oversee and take responsibility for the implementation and outcome of your vote

  • Scheduling and planning of all important project events

  • Consultation for best practices in line with your goals

  • Voting setup and testing

  • Voter outreach notifications

  • Voter support

  • Results certification


What You Do

You’ll simply provide us with the necessary information and approve key parts of the voting process

In order to set up your vote, we'll need some information from your side, including:

  • What you want to display on your ballot(s) (e.g. questions, selections)

  • Documents and other information about candidates or policies to be voted on (e.g. biographies, photos, etc.)

  • The information you want to send to your voters about the vote, if not using our standard email templates

  • Your final approval of the ballot



View pricing here.



Option 2: Self-Administration, No Services


Responsibilities from your end



Weekly time requirements from your end

Budget 5 - 15 hours per week

This will be determined by the complexity of your voting setup, the number of ballots, the number of questions, your voter outreach campaign plan, and more.

Ask your sales contact for a more accurate estimate.


What We Do

  • Give you a year's worth of access to our enterprise-level voting software

  • Provide training on basics of the software platform (i.e. building a vote, sending out notifications, reviewing results)

  • Offer hourly-based consultation on leveraging the software to getting the most out of your voting events


What You Do

  • Manage all aspects of the voting process, including ballot and question creation, voter outreach campaigns, and voter support

  • Be the main driver of the software platform and the implementation of your voting process

  • Use a combination of our knowledge base articles and team (e.g. included customer support and pre-determined consulting hours) to manage your voting events



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List of Vote Management Services


Ballot Setup, Testing, and Quality Control

We setup your ballot to your specifications and thoroughly test the performance before it goes live


Voter Notifications

Manage the alert and notification process for all ballots you want your voters to vote on. We'll send follow up reminders to those who haven’t voted.


Certified Results

We confirm that as a third-party, we’ve overseen the setup, management, and stand by the results of your vote.


Voter Support

On-demand support and issue resolution for your voters.



Create a voting portal inside of the tools you already use.


Analytics & Reporting

We’ll create customized charts, graphs, and other custom reports and visualizations to gain a deeper understanding of your voting outcomes.



Have a unique use case? We’re able to tailor our software to meet your requirements.


Paper Mailers

We will send paper mailers as another means of reminding your voters to vote from their devices


Paper Ballots & Tabulation

We will send, receive, and integrate paper ballots into the results of your digital vote.


Phone Voting

Let your voters place votes over the phone, with their keypad. 


We offer expert vote consulting services as needed.


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