Timeline for Vote Management Services

How we'll ensure your voting rollout goes as planned



It’s exciting to hear that you’re considering vote management services. This is our premium offering that takes the responsibility of building the vote, notifying your voters, and interpreting the results off of your shoulders.

Rest assured: our teams are experts who know from experience what needs to be done, what to avoid, and how to implement a successful voting event.

All of this requires a minimal amount of support from your side. However, there are some key areas where we need to receive certain information at agreed-upon times, during the contracting and implementation process.

That said – we are flexible if given advance notice. If there’s anything we note here that might be tough to agree upon or share upfront, we are happy to plan for workarounds.



What to let us know prior to signing

It’s understandable that answers to these questions may be private when in the preliminary stages of vetting vendors.

Please share this information with us whenever you’re comfortable doing so (e.g. after you’ve narrowed your list down to a few vendors).

The reason we ask is strictly for planning’s sake, and so we can engage with your needs most effectively.

  • How long do you expect the procurement process to take?

  • When do you need to finalize the procurement process?

  • Who at your organization wants or needs to:
    • Be a part of the sales conversation?

    • Experience a product demonstration?

    • Sign-off to approve the contract and purchase?

    • Be involved with the kickoff meeting after purchase?


Answering these questions will virtually guarantee a smooth launch and ensure your voting launch date doesn’t need to be pushed back unexpectedly. Not doing so introduces complexity and we may be unable to guarantee launch dates.

Keep in mind, we'll keep all of these details confidential and promise to not burden anyone at your organization with excessive outreach when you let us know you’re not looking to engage. That’s not in anyone’s best interest.


What to share with us after signing

Once your project kicks off, we'll share a timeline of events that leads most effectively to a successful event.

Plan for two weeks from kickoff call to launch, if the below points are followed to a T.


We'll need three things from you:

  • Your availability for a kickoff call in the next few days. In this call, you’ll connect with our Experience team. They'll work with you to finalize timeline expectations and the specific information we need to start managing your voting event(s).

    • Generally, it will take about two business days for us to build and share a test ballot for your review. Delays in receiving these materials risk pushing back your launch date.

  • A review of your test ballot. We ask for any edits to be returned within two business days.

    • After you send back your edits, we’ll spend one more day to integrate any requested changes and send back for approval.

  • A final review and approval of your ballot. Similar to the first review, we ask for this to be returned within two business days. This is an important, final step. We cannot go live without receiving your final approval.

All told, this adds up to at least ten (10) to twelve (12) business days, but it ensures the successful rollout and launch of your vote(s). We have tried to condense this time, and we’ve landed on this due to the integral client review process that eliminates any unexpected happenings.

If we're waiting on your materials for longer than these timelines, your vote launch date is at risk of being pushed back. If you think sharing of materials or review will take more time from your side, please keep us in the loop early and often so we can plan for this.

At the end of the day, a pushed back date is much preferable to a rushed voting rollout that doesn’t come out the way your organization needs it to.


Have questions or need more information about timeline requirements? Contact sales@eballot.com