Real-Time Live Meeting Vote Management

How we can help support your live, web-based event with on-demand ballot updates

Our Offerings

Whenever possible, we recommend separating the voting timeframe from the web conference itself so that people have ample time to consider their options and vote on their own time.

We've outlined this method in our Digital Live Meeting FAQ. However, we understand this isn’t feasible for every organization and that you might need to alter ballots in real-time.

Here’s a common scenario:

  • A motion, amendment, or leadership change is proposed

  • Discussion ensues

  • Everyone casts their vote

  • Results are displayed and the process starts again


We can help you accomplish this scenario and offer the flexibility of two different options to suit your needs.

Option 1: Self-Managed Live Vote or Election


What does self-managed mean?

  • A person from your organization is responsible for learning how to use our software platform and managing the voting in real-time

  • We’ll train this person up to be your voting manager on our software platform

  • We’ll also provide them expert-level consulting prior to the event to make sure they have the resources to make the real-time voting component of your live meeting a success


What's the cost?

Likely $2,500 - $4,000 depending on the amount of vote management services that are necessary.

This includes software access, platform training, expert consulting, and the types of vote management services you select.

Option 2: Comprehensive Vote Management


What does comprehensive vote management entail?

We take care of everything and ultimately take on the responsibility of making the voting component of your live meeting a success.


What's the cost?

Likely $5,000 - $7,500 depending on these factors

This includes:

  • Responsibility for the implementation and outcome of your votes

  • Establishing and ensuring best voting practices

  • Sending voter invitation outreach

  • On-demand support for your voters

  • Official third-party certification of results

  • All scheduling, planning, and project management


Next steps:

We're excited to show you how voting at your live meeting can unfold.

Contact, and include what you’re voting on - as well as a quick description of your meeting so that we can give you a tailored demo.


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