Online Voting for Your Membership Association: Why Should You Care?

Learn how your association will benefit from an online voting partner

Online voting at membership organizations

From updating your bylaws to letting your members weigh in on the board election, internal voting is an annual requirement at most membership associations.

In most cases, there’s a lot at stake. Electing officers, determining new board members, and voting at meetings all lead to major changes. Despite the variety of options out there for collecting internal feedback - a secure, auditable voting-specific platform paired with vote management services is the best tool for the job.

How can we feel confident in saying this? Here are the top benefits of using an online voting partner for your votes and elections.

Why your association should consider an online voting partner

  • Avoid low voter turnout rates. High accessibility is the main driver of engagement and online voting checks all the boxes. We routinely take clients from a 5% to 25%+ voter turnout rate. Your members and internal teams need easy access to a voting platform; otherwise, they’re not going to bother with voting.

  • Solve your board election process. Board management platforms and association management tools are great for handling your group’s day-to-day business operations. Some even come equipped with built-in voting modules. But here’s where we excel over these all-in-one solutions:

    • We’ll navigate any complicated rules (e.g. weighted voting, rounds, etc.) and embed them into your voting structure

    • We’ll handle best practices of ballot creation, reach out, and follow-ups

    • If anything were to go wrong (e.g. someone challenges the vote), those companies wouldn’t want to be held accountable. We’ll make sure things get handled.

  • Seamlessly integrate voting into digital meetings. Voting before, during, or after digital meetings has become increasingly common. We’ll save you the search: the meeting voting solutions out there have trouble balancing the accessibility and security your association needs. Many result in awkward voting rollouts. Read more about how we handle voting for digital or in-person meetings.

  • Meet your members where they’re at. While 100% online voting is the best option for most, we’re able to combine alternative voting technologies like phone keypad, paper notifications, and paper ballots.

  • Build trust among recurring membership and employees alike. Using an online voting partner shows that you’re dedicated to serving your internal and external communities. It conveys that you value member input and what you consider to be fair processes. We’re here to help underscore what it means to take voting and decision-making influenced by collective input seriously.

Why eBallot?

We’re committed to your association’s success.

It’s exciting for us to consistently hold 90+% client retention rates, year after year. Have a look at what our clients say. We’d love to chat about our collection of interesting projects we’ve run for similar membership organizations.


Voting technology and vote consulting is what we do.

As a technology developer, we offer all the important aspects of what you should expect from your voting system. We’ll help you run structured votes. And we’ll manage them with the highest degree of security (e.g. the most up to date anti-voter fraud mechanisms, sound data management & storage). We’re not another all-in-one AMS, although we could plug into yours.


Our teams will help you avoid painful missteps.

We understand how important a major vote or election can be to your group. A key benefit of our expertise is helping you avoid voting-related risk that would otherwise create wide-reaching, expensive mistakes.

It’s not something we say lightly, but across the board and by all accounts, we’re confident in putting it like this: if you partner with eBallot, your voting events will be a success.


Complicated voting arrangements aren't a problem.

We started as Votenet Solutions in 2001, and our earliest major client successes came as a result of being able to build and tailor custom voting setups that no one else could. Today, hyper-customization is less important for many. But for others, it’s absolutely essential. We’re able to tailor important, complex voting events in a way that others simply cannot.




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