eBallot for Business: Pricing Factors

A transparent look into how we price out our enterprise-grade

voting software and services


How is eBallot for Business Priced?

eBallot for Business is comprised of our enterprise-grade voting software and vote management services.

We offer annual, license-based pricing that’s based on a combination of factors, which are described below.

In the spirit of full transparency, here are the main considerations that affect pricing:


Pricing Factors - eBallot for Business


1. The number of people you invite to vote

Note that this is the amount of people you choose to offer access to your ballot(s).

We do not take into account the number of people you anticipate to actually vote in your voting events.


2. The number of voting events you hold

A voting event is a discrete period of time in which your voting foundation is set up and your voters cast votes.

For example, if you have one or multiple live ballots during a set period of time, this would be considered one voting event.

However, if you have ballots spaced out over time (e.g. one ballot in February and the other in June), then this would be considered two voting events.


3. The complexity of your vote management services

If you’re concerned about getting costs down, the best way to do so is to have someone at your organization use our software to build your vote, notify your voters, and analyze the results.

We offer training and this works well for many groups.

A self-administered vote is, however, impractical for certain organizations who will find significant value in at least a few vote management services.

Our primer on vote management services will help you decide what's best for your organization.


Here is an example of a lean vote management setup

  • You give us the details about how you want your vote to play out, we will build this to specification in our software
  • You write the notifications and voting reminders that go out to your voters; we’ll make sure they go out to the right people, at the right times
  • We oversee the voting event and you receive certified results that are confirmed by our leadership here
  • Our US-based customer support team is there for you with any questions

Read more about a semi-managed voting setup


Here are some additional vote management services we can offer

  • Getting us to send out paper mailers to your voters, tabulating those results, and integrating them into your digital results
  • On-demand support for your voters
  • Access to our customer support team outside of business hours
  • A tailored vote promotion plan that's more robust than simple notifications
  • Overseeing live (digital or in-person) voting events


Access our complete list of vote management services here.


4. The length of your contract

We typically offer clients to license our software and retain our services for one year.

Though, we’re happy to consider multiple-year contracts at a lower rate if that’s helpful for your organization.

Note, this pricing structure differs from eBallot Essential, our entry-level monthly-subscription software.



We’re thrilled that you’re considering our voting software and vote management services to make collaborative decisions.

We're ready to help you execute a flawless voting event with as minimal headache as possible.


Have questions or need more information about our eBallot for Business? Contact sales@eballot.com.




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