eBallot Essential

All about our entry-level, self-service voting platform - plus pricing details and FAQs

What is eBallot Essential?

eBallot Essential is an entry-level, subscription-based voting and election software.

It allows you to securely self-administer votes, elections, surveys, and polls among the people at your organization.


How is eBallot Essential priced?

Pricing is based purely on the number of eligible voters at your organization.

In contrast, eBallot for Business is a more robust software that we offer through an annual license. It’s priced based on a greater number of factors:


Payment Terms

Pro accounts have a minimum subscription term of six (6) months and automatically renew on a month-to-month basis after that.

Premium accounts have a minimum subscription term of twelve (12) months and automatically renew on a month-to-month basis after that.

Your credit card will be billed on a monthly basis for as long as you hold the subscription. Your monthly invoices and billing information will be available within the account.

You can cancel at any time after your subscription term has lapsed by emailing us at help@eballot.com.

Use this link to view pricing and sign up for eBallot Essential.



What kind of support do you offer with eBallot Essential?

eBallot Essential is a self-service voting platform. This means you (or the person managing your voting and election processes) are responsible for building your ballots, notifying your voters, and analyzing your results.

We offer everything you need to be successful at this, including:

  • A comprehensive, step-by-step vote setup guide that will get you up and running in minutes

  • On-demand knowledge base articles that answer frequently asked questions

  • Email support from our customer experience team


Can I cancel my subscription for the months we don't have votes, and then reinstate it when we need to?

Safely housing your user data is included in the subscription cost.

Upon cancellation, your data will be securely purged and unable to be reinstated.

We built eBallot Essential for organizations that plan to keep a reliable, self-service voting software on hand whether for 1 or 1,000+ votes each year. There’s something to be said about it being there when you need it. For the capabilities you get (e.g. customer support, reliable platform, feature sets), it’s one of the best deals out there. And we’re not just saying that.

At the end of the day, we’d encourage you to think of this more as a yearly cost for a vote management solution.

If you only need to run a simple, one-off vote that doesn’t affect your organization that much - we’d recommend using a free tool rather than signing up and unsubscribing.


View more FAQs on the eBallot Essential pricing page.


Need to run a vote?

We're proud to have facilitated a diverse array of voting events. Our technology makes organizing and managing your votes faster and simpler, while bringing your governance in line with your organization’s other practices.

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