Service Level Agreement


We prioritize based on impact and urgency


Impact is the number of voters/administrators who are affected by an issue (scope):

  • High: All Voters and Administrators

  • Normal: Multiple Voters and Administrators

  • Low: Individual Voter and Administrator


Urgency is how critical the issue is to the work of the Organization (time):

  • High: Issues that stop voters from casting their vote or stop administrators from tabulating results or activating their ballot or network outages

  • Normal: Issues that might stop a group of voters from casting a vote or administrators to make changes to live ballot work

  • Low: Issues that are annoyances (e.g., issues for which workarounds are available) or issues that can be repaired during a planned maintenance window (e.g., non-critical web applications)


Based on impact and urgency, priority is determined as you see here:

graph 1

Below are the response and resolution time based on the priority Business hours only

graph 2


Factors outside of our control including natural disasters, massive network outage, etc. will impact how quickly we can resolve an issue. We will try to set accurate expectations with you for when an issue will be resolved, and we will keep you updated as those expectations change.