Judicial Performance Review


Judicial performance reviews keep your firm’s democratic process healthy.

In this type of election, lawyers must put aside their bias and vote for judges who they know demonstrate objectivity, temperament, legal knowledge, quality of opinions, among other things. Usually, lawyers who have worked with the judges previously make more informed voters.


Conduct your judicial performance review using an online voting platform

We know this type of vote is extremely sensitive, so we’ve given you the option of conducting an anonymous vote. 

The eBallot voting process is extremely efficient compared to traditional paper ballots and gives your voters an easy yet fair way to participate. We ensure that all voters can only cast their votes once, and that your votes and data are always fully backed up and available in our secure database.


Our online voting platform is fully equipped to handle any number of questions and voters

  • Gain valuable insight throughout your election by monitoring voter activity and viewing reports like overall turnout, voter activity by day or time, and activity day-by-day.
  • Build multiple ballots for each category of review.
  • Save your ballot to use as a template in the future.

Need help with your judicial performance review? Let us help.